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NA - Nord America 2.628
EU - Europa 2.558
AS - Asia 922
SA - Sud America 3
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 2
OC - Oceania 2
Totale 6.115
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 2.623
IE - Irlanda 843
CN - Cina 746
UA - Ucraina 575
SE - Svezia 385
IT - Italia 288
FR - Francia 142
FI - Finlandia 106
DE - Germania 102
TR - Turchia 95
GB - Regno Unito 78
IN - India 75
BE - Belgio 16
NL - Olanda 7
RU - Federazione Russa 7
CL - Cile 3
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 3
MX - Messico 3
AU - Australia 2
CA - Canada 2
CH - Svizzera 2
EU - Europa 2
RO - Romania 2
TH - Thailandia 2
AL - Albania 1
ID - Indonesia 1
IR - Iran 1
PK - Pakistan 1
PT - Portogallo 1
SA - Arabia Saudita 1
Totale 6.115
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Dublin 840
Chandler 510
Jacksonville 406
Dearborn 372
Nanjing 231
Nyköping 210
Princeton 97
Nanchang 90
Wilmington 87
Beijing 85
Ann Arbor 80
San Mateo 78
Boardman 58
Woodbridge 53
Shenyang 50
New York 48
Hebei 42
Tianjin 40
Ashburn 37
Helsinki 30
Bari 28
Des Moines 28
Kunming 28
Jiaxing 24
Changsha 22
Meda 22
Jinan 18
Ningbo 18
San Severo 17
Brussels 16
Foggia 16
Lanzhou 14
Hangzhou 11
Rome 11
London 10
Los Angeles 10
Changchun 9
Fuzhou 9
San Jose 9
Taizhou 9
Auburn Hills 8
Chicago 8
Guangzhou 8
Hilden 8
Lucera 8
Milan 8
Zhengzhou 8
Naples 7
Norwalk 7
Hanover 6
Torremaggiore 6
Falls Church 5
Philadelphia 5
Shanghai 5
Hefei 4
Phoenix 4
Redmond 4
Redwood City 4
Triggiano 4
Acquaviva Delle Fonti 3
Cesenatico 3
Chengdu 3
Seattle 3
Stevenage 3
Verona 3
Barletta 2
Bitonto 2
Brno 2
Catania 2
Cedar Knolls 2
Ferrara di Monte Baldo 2
Genoa 2
Gunzenhausen 2
Haikou 2
Houston 2
Livorno 2
Manchester 2
Mangone 2
Melbourne 2
Orange 2
Phuket 2
Pontedera 2
Pune 2
Shaoxing 2
Siena 2
Taiyuan 2
Torreón 2
Troia 2
Washington 2
Andover 1
Baotou 1
Bengaluru 1
Bilthoven 1
Bogor 1
Borås 1
Brindisi 1
Casamassima 1
Cerignola 1
Chieri 1
Chieti 1
Totale 3.967
Nome #
Linfomonociti periferici da alcune donne sieronegative ad alto rischio di infezione possono produrre "in vitro" anticorpi HIV-1 specifici in assenza di segni di infezione latente da HIV-1 213
Zidovudina e storia naturale della sindrome da immunodeficienza acquisita 111
Intrafamiial transmission of Human Hespesvirus 8 95
Frequent cervicovaginal shedding of HIV-1 in asymptomatic, non-severly immunodeficient women 91
Correlazioni tra antigene p24 e isolamento da linfociti del virus della immunodeficienza umana (HIV) in soggetti con infezione da HIV 90
Note tecniche sull'isolamento dell'HIV da linfomonociti periferici: impiego della PHA 89
Correlates of HIV-1 shedding in cervicovaginal secretions and effects of antiretrovirals therapies 88
Analisi della cinetica replicativa in cultura primaria di isolati di HIV-1 da soggetti in vario stadio di malattia 87
Cervicovaginal HIV-1 shedding in pregnant women near delivery 86
Frequent detection of HIV-RNA but low rates of HIV-1 isolation in cervico-vaginal secretions from infected women 85
Reproductive choice in individuals HIV-1 infected in South Eastern Italy 84
Correlazioni tra attivita' replicativa virale, stadio clinico di malattia e deterioramento immunologico nelle infezioni da HIV 83
Detection of human herpesvirus 8 in cervicovaginal secretions and seroprevalence in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-seropositive and –seronegative women 82
Different biological properties of paired HIV-1 isolates from peripheral blood mononuclear cells and cerebrospinal fluid 82
Clinical and virological features of Hepatitis B and Delta infections in anti-HIV carriers 82
Correlation between knowledge on transmission and prevention of HIV/STI and proficiency in condom use among male migrants from Africa and Middle East evaluated by a Condom Use Skills score using a wooden penile model. 81
The role of HIV type I phenotype and genotype in long-term responders to zidovudine therapy 79
Evidence for a local synthesis of beta-chemokines within the genital tract of both HIV-1 infected and uninfected women 78
Lack of HBV and HDV replicative activity in HBsAg-positive intravenous drug addicts with immune deficiency due to HIV. 78
n vitro productive infection of non polarised cervical and rectal biopsies by syncytium-inducing and non syncytium inducing primary HIV-1 isolates. 77
Clinical value of HIV p24 Ag in cerebrospinal fluid of symptomatic or asymptomatic HIV-infected patients 77
Detection of human T lymphotropic virus type II/b in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-coinfected persons in southeastern Italy 77
In vivo evidence of HIV-1 productive infection in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with HIV-1 encephalitis 76
In vitro and in vivo human herpesvirus 8 infection of placenta. 75
Anticorpi neutralizzanti e trasmissione eterosessuale di HIV-1 75
A simple method to detect HIV-1 protein specificity of IgG intrathecal synthesis in HIV-1 infection 74
Coreceptor usage of primary human immunodeficiency virus type 1 isolates varies according to biological phenotype. 74
Limited secretory IgA response in cervicovaginal secretions from HIV-1 infected, but not high risk seronegative women: lack of correlation to genital viral shedding” 73
The biological phenotype of HIV 1 is usually retained during and after sexual transmission 73
HIV-1 isolation from small amounts of whole blood: a technical evaluation 72
Mutational patterns of paired blood and rectal biopsies in HIV-infected patients on HAART 71
preliminary Data From the Study of Coagulative Profile of HIV infected Individuals suggest a role for point mutations in the Gene in protein S deficiency in Individuals undergoing Higly Antiretroviral therapy 71
Intracellular and cell-free (infectious) HIV-1 in rectal mucosa. 70
A search for antibodies to HHV-8 in hemodialysis patients from South-Eastern Italy argues against HHV-8 spread in hemodialysis units 70
In vitro production of HIV-1 specific antibodies from “at risk” seronegative subjects 70
Apparent selection against trasmission of zidovudine resistant human immunodeficiency virus type 1 variants 70
Cervico-vaginal HIV shedding is not related to cervical HPV infection - Abstracts ICAR 2010 70
Occult HBV infection in hemodialysis setting is marked by presence of isolated antibodies to HBcAg and HCV 69
A search for antibodies to HHV-8 in hemodialysis patients from South-Eastern Italy argues against HHV-8 spread in hemodialysis units. 68
Long-term failure of antiviral activity of Zidovudine therapy in anti-HIV positive subjects 68
Monitoraggio virologico in soggetti con infezione da HIV in trattamento con Zidovudina (AZT) 68
Surgical experience with carotid stenosis in young HIV-1 positive patients under antiretroviral therapy: an emerging problem? 67
Detection of hepatitis C virus-RNA in saliva from chronically HCV-infected patients 67
Augmented serum neutralizing activity against primary human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) isolates in two groups of HIV-1 infected long-term nonprogressors 67
Clinical and virological features of HBV and HDV chronic hepatitis in subjects with HIV infection 67
Changes in at-risk behaviour for HIV infection among HIV-positive persons in Italy 66
Biological correlates of HIV-1 heterosexual transmission 66
L'isolamento del virus della immunodeficienza umana (HIV) da sangue intero 66
Immunological markers in HIV-infected pregnant and non-pregnant women. 65
Serum IgG antibodies from pregnant women reacting to mimotopes of simian virus 40 large T antigen, the viral oncoprotein 65
High seroprevalence of human herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8) in HIV-1-infected pregnant women of Southeastern Italy: association with injection drug use and hepatitis C virus infection. 64
Biological phenotype of HIV-1 and transmission. 64
Newly diagnosed HIV-1 infections in pregnancy: evidences from a cohort study in south-eastern Italy. 63
Pokeweed mitogen-stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells from at-risk seronegative subjects produce in vitro HIV-1 specific antibodies 63
Seroprevalence of Human Herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8) in different regions of Italy 63
Results of an universal screening for SARS-CoV-2 in women admitted for delivery in a geographical area with low incidence of COVID-19 infection 63
"In vitro" spontaneous production of B-chemokines by endocervical and endometrial short-term bioptic cultures 62
The use of serum-free medium delays, but does not prevent, the cytotoxic effects of seminal plasma in lymphocyte cultures: implications for studies on HIV infection 62
Prevalence and incidence of HIV-1 syncytium-inducing phenotype among injecting drug users in South-Eastern Italy 62
Diagnostic value of alpha-fetoprotein for early hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis in cirrhotic HBV patient successfully treated with nucleos(t)ide analogues - a case report 62
Pregnancy and human herpesvirus 8 reactivation in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected women. 61
HIV-1 RNA detection in cervico-vaginal secretions from HIV-1 seropositive women: clinical and immunological correlates 61
Hepatitis B virus clearance from serum and liver after acute hepatitis Delta virus superinfection in chronic HBsAg carriers. 60
Preliminary data on the establishment of permanent cell lines continuously producing HIV-1: factors affecting the transmissibility and adaptability of “wild” HIV-1 isolates 60
HIV-1 disease progression in women: role of viral phenotype of the HIV-positive steady partner 59
HIV-1 shedding in genital tract of infected women. 59
The efficiency of sperm washing in removing human immunodeficiency virus type 1 varies according to the seminal viral load. 59
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Type 1-specific B cell response in seronegative subjects at risk for HIV exposure 59
Cervical human papillomavirus infection and shedding of human immunodeficiency virus in cervicovaginal fluids: a cross-sectional study. 59
HIV-1 variability and progression to AIDS: a longitudinal study 58
P24 antigen detection, viral isolation, DNA-PCR and in vitro antibody production for the diagnosis of HIV-1 latent infection in heterosexual women at high risk for HIV-1 infection 57
Impact of adding raltegravir to antiretroviral regimens in patients with blood viral suppression but persistent seminal viral shedding 57
Isolated antibodies against the core antigen of hepatitis B virus in HIV-infected pregnant women. 54
Errors in condom use in the setting of hiv transmission: A systematic review 52
long-term efficacy and safety of switching from lamivudine+adefovir to tenofovir disoproxil fumarate in virologically suppressed patients. 51
Lack of specific IgM antibody response in HIV carriers with chronic Delta hepatitis 50
Reproductive choice in individuals HIV-1 infected in South Eastern Italy 49
Efficacy of famciclovir in the treatment of oral hairy leukoplakia. 48
In vitro zidovudine-induced apoptosis demonstrated by a model of placental histoculture useful for the study of the apoptotic effects of antiretroviral drugs 46
Detection of HCV RNA in serum and seminal fluid from HIV-1 co-infected intravenous drug addicts. 46
[Maternal viral and gestational risk factors in vertical transmission of HIV-1 infection]. 45
Detection of antibodies to Human Herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8) among women of child-bearing age in the Apulia region (South-Eastern Italy) 44
Sexual behaviour reported by a sample of Italian MSM before and after HIV diagnosis. 42
The absence of culturable bacteria from at term placentae from HIV-negative and positive women argues against a placental unique microbiota 42
Two nasal swabs may not be enough to exclude SARS-CoV-2 infection in symptomatic patients 42
Results from a survey in healthy blood donors in South Eastern Italy indicate that we are far away from herd immunity to SARS-CoV-2 39
Low Prevalence of Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 and Undetectable Viral Load in Seropositive Blood Donors from South-Eastern Italy 34
Genetic subtypes and natural resistance mutations in hcv genotype 4 infected saudi arabian patients 32
Increased SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in healthy blood donors after the second pandemic wave in South-Eastern Italy: evidence for asymptomatic young donors as potential virus spreaders 30
Missing alternatives to penicillin for the treatment of syphilis in pregnant women 28
Resistance Associated Mutations in HCV Patients Failing DAA Treatment 27
Guillain-Barré syndrome as only manifestation of COVID-19 infection 26
Correlation between seroreactivity to HIV-1 V3 loop peptides and male-to-female heterosexual transmission 24
Inconsistent Use of Condom in Italian HIV-Serodiscordant Heterosexual Couples as Revealed by the Detection of Y Chromosomal (Yc) DNA in Vaginal Swabs 22
Molecular and Genetic Characterization of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) among Saudi Chronically HBV-Infected Individuals 21
Health concerns for HIV-exposed but non-infected children 20
High risk of unsuccessful treatment outcome in migrant population with tuberculosis: Data from three Italian hospitals 17
Management of Chronic Hepatitis B in HIV-Coinfected Patients 16
Lack of plasma viremia in SARS-CoV-2 seropositive blood donors carrying the virus in nasopharyngeal swabs argues against potential transmission of COVID-19 through blood 13
Severe systemic thrombosis in a young COVID-19 patient with a rare homozygous prothrombin g20210a mutation 13
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2020/2021772 89 4 88 9 92 60 105 19 166 107 17 16
2021/2022564 94 27 9 24 36 11 22 41 68 85 24 123
2022/20232.120 176 95 59 163 138 200 3 144 988 42 67 45
2023/2024348 66 24 29 15 26 82 31 24 4 17 19 11
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