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Celiac disease and obstetric complications: a systematic review and meta-analysis, file de2a638f-6020-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 18
Altered expression of HER-2 and the mismatch repair genes MLH1 and MSH2 predicts the outcome of T1 high-grade bladder cancer, file d9a98f06-0e76-406d-8360-e83a65b9e82b 17
Effectiveness of the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine against adult pneumonia in Italy: a case-control study in a 2-year prospective cohort, file de2a6390-0ecc-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 15
Cervical cancer prevention: An Italian scenario between organised screening and Human papillomaviruses vaccination, file 99376305-72b3-427c-aa24-c27c3cffb267 14
Investigating the Role of Physical Education in Physical Activity Promotion: An Italian Multicenter Study, file de2a638f-6855-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 10
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Efficacy and safety of higher doses of botulinum toxin type A NT 201 free from complexing proteins in the upper and lower limb spasticity after stroke., file de2a638e-ffba-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 7
Long-term safety of repeated high doses of incobotulinumtoxinA injections for the treatment of upper and lower limb spasticity after stroke, file de2a638f-d728-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 7
Determinants of European parents' decision on the vaccination of their children against measles, mumps and rubella: A systematic review and meta-analysis, file de2a638f-67de-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 5
Antimeningococcal and antipneumococcal vaccination determinants: a European systematic literature review, file de2a638f-634d-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 4
Estimation of the Impact of Meningococcal Serogroup C Universal Vaccination in Italy and Suggestions for the Multicomponent Serogroup B Vaccine Introduction, file de2a638f-63af-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 3
Development of a questionnaire to investigate socio-cultural differences in the perception of smell, taste and flavour, file 241ee4fd-328c-4e3c-8536-541dabbb5520 2
Effect of acute lung injury on VLA-4 and CXCR4 expression in resident and circulating hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells, file de2a638f-6f83-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 2
Assessing treatment response after intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guerin induction cycle: are routine bladder biopsies necessary?, file de2a6390-e4ed-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 2
Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection with Ageusia after Two mRNA Vaccine Doses, file 15aa9294-b0c1-4d64-9a45-5cab46b7c0ee 1
COVID-19: opinions and behavior of Italian general population during the first epidemic phase, file cc3acd0b-936f-4870-a5ad-7ba2be5894a8 1
Assessment of Stress Salivary Markers, Perceived Stress, and Shift Work in a Cohort of Fishermen: A Preliminary Work, file d907e53f-2da9-42a0-9c80-08ad2f26f2e4 1
Determinants for acknowledgement of occupational related causes among Italian police officers, file de2a638f-00be-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 1
Safety and efficacy of incobotulinum toxin type A (NT 201-Xeomin) for the treatment of post-stroke lower limb spasticity: a prospective open-label study., file de2a638f-0115-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 1
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy for the treatment of poststroke plantar-flexor muscles spasticity: a prospective open-label study., file de2a638f-02d4-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 1
Incidence of type 1 diabetes among children and adolescents in Italy between 2009 and 2013: The role of a regional childhood diabetes registry, file de2a638f-56f8-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 1
Postural and balance disorders in patients with Parkinson's disease: A prospective open-label feasibility study with two months of action observation treatment, file de2a638f-607d-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 1
Pneumococcal pneumonia prevention among adults: is the herd effect of pneumococcal conjugate vaccination in children as good a way as the active immunization of the elderly?, file de2a638f-634c-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 1
Strategies and actions of multi-purpose health communication on vaccine preventable infectious diseases in order to increase vaccination coverage in the population: The ESCULAPIO project, file de2a638f-e08a-8577-e053-3705fe0aa5f3 1
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