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Contemporary Techniques of Prostate Dissection for Robot-assisted Prostatectomy 1-gen-2020 Martini, A.; Falagario, U. G.; Villers, A.; Dell'Oglio, P.; Mazzone, E.; Autorino, R.; Moschovas, M. C.; Buscarini, M.; Bravi, C. A.; Briganti, A.; Sawczyn, G.; Kaouk, J.; Menon, M.; Secco, S.; Bocciardi, A. M.; Wang, G.; Zhou, X.; Porpiglia, F.; Mottrie, A.; Patel, V.; Tewari, A. K.; Montorsi, F.; Gaston, R.; Wiklund, N. P.; Hemal, A. K.
Does race impact functional outcomes in patients undergoing robotic partial nephrectomy? 1-gen-2020 Falagario, U. G.; Martini, A.; Pfail, J.; Treacy, P. -J.; Okhawere, K. E.; Dayal, B. D.; Sfakianos, J. P.; Abaza, R.; Eun, D. D.; Bhandari, A.; Porter, J. R.; Hemal, A. K.; Badani, K. K.
The natural history of untreated muscle-invasive bladder cancer 1-gen-2020 Martini, A.; Sfakianos, J. P.; Renstrom-Koskela, L.; Mortezavi, A.; Falagario, U. G.; Egevad, L.; Hosseini, A.; Mehrazin, R.; Galsky, M. D.; Steineck, G.; Wiklund, N. P.
Transperineal Versus Transrectal Targeted Biopsy With Use of Electromagnetically-tracked MR/US Fusion Guidance Platform for the Detection of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer 1-gen-2020 Winoker, J. S.; Wajswol, E.; Falagario, U.; Maritini, A.; Moshier, E.; Voutsinas, N.; Knauer, C. J.; Sfakianos, J. P.; Lewis, S. C.; Taouli, B. A.; Rastinehad, A. R.
Development of a model to predict prostate cancer at the apex (PCAP model) in patients undergoing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy 1-gen-2020 Cumarasamy, S.; Martini, A.; Falagario, U. G.; Gul, Z.; Beksac, A. T.; Jayaratna, I.; Haines, G. K.; Carrieri, G.; Tewari, A.
Does prostate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) reporting system affect performance of MRI in men with a clinical suspicion of prostate cancer? 1-gen-2020 Jambor, I.; Falagario, U.
Upstaging to pT3a in Patients Undergoing Partial or Radical Nephrectomy for cT1 Renal Tumors: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Outcomes and Predictive Factors 1-gen-2020 Veccia, A.; Falagario, U.; Martini, A.; Marchioni, M.; Antonelli, A.; Simeone, C.; Cormio, L.; Capitanio, U.; Mir, M. C.; Derweesh, I.; Van Poppel, H.; Porpiglia, F.; Autorino, R.
Avoiding Unnecessary Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Biopsies: Negative and Positive Predictive Value of MRI According to Prostate-specific Antigen Density, 4Kscore and Risk Calculators 1-gen-2020 Falagario, U. G.; Martini, A.; Wajswol, E.; Treacy, P. -J.; Ratnani, P.; Jambor, I.; Anastos, H.; Lewis, S.; Haines, K.; Cormio, L.; Carrieri, G.; Rastinehad, A. R.; Wiklund, P.; Tewari, A.
Neoadjuvant versus adjuvant chemotherapy for upper tract urothelial carcinoma 1-gen-2020 Martini, A.; Falagario, U. G.; Waingankar, N.; Daza, J.; Treacy, P. J.; Necchi, A.; Galsky, M. D.; Sfakianos, J. P.
Robotic-assisted surgery for the treatment of urologic cancers: recent advances 1-gen-2020 Falagario, U.; Veccia, A.; Weprin, S.; Albuquerque, E. V.; Nahas, W. C.; Carrieri, G.; Pansadoro, V.; Hampton, L. J.; Porpiglia, F.; Autorino, R.
Prediction of biochemical recurrence in prostate cancer patients who underwent prostatectomy using routine clinical prostate multiparametric MRI and decipher genomic score 1-gen-2020 Jambor, I.; Falagario, U.; Ratnani, P.; Perez, I. M.; Demir, K.; Merisaari, H.; Sobotka, S.; Haines, G. K.; Martini, A.; Beksac, A. T.; Lewis, S.; Pahikkala, T.; Wiklund, P.; Nair, S.; Tewari, A.
Estimated Costs Associated With Radiation Therapy for Positive Surgical Margins During Radical Prostatectomy 1-gen-2020 Martini, A.; Marqueen, K. E.; Falagario, U. G.; Waingankar, N.; Wajswol, E.; Khan, F.; Fossati, N.; Briganti, A.; Montorsi, F.; Tewari, A. K.; Stock, R.; Rastinehad, A. R.
Ureteral location is associated with survival outcomes in upper tract urothelial carcinoma: A population-based analysis 1-gen-2020 Veccia, A.; Antonelli, A.; Martini, A.; Falagario, U.; Carrieri, G.; Grob, M. B.; Guruli, G.; Simeone, C.; Wiklund, P.; Porpiglia, F.; Autorino, R.
Staging Accuracy of Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Caucasian and African American Men Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy 1-gen-2020 Falagario, U. G.; Ratnani, P.; Lantz, A.; Jambor, I.; Dovey, Z.; Verma, A.; Treacy, P. -J.; Sobotka, S.; Martini, A.; Bashorun, H.; Ashan, M.; Wagaskar, V. G.; Lewis, S.; Cormio, L.; Carrieri, G.; Kyprianou, N.; Mohamed, N.; Tewari, A.
Impact of time to second transurethral resection on oncological outcomes of patients with high-grade T1 bladder cancer treated with intravesical Bacillus Calmette–Guerin 1-gen-2020 Calò, B.; Falagario, U.; Sanguedolce, F.; Veccia, A.; Chirico, M.; Carvalho-Diaz, E.; Mota, P.; Lima, E.; Autorino, R.; Carrieri, G.; Cormio, L.
Intraoperative Digital Analysis of Ablation Margins (DAAM) by Fluorescent Confocal Microscopy to Improve Partial Prostate Gland Cryoablation Outcomes.  1-gen-2021 Selvaggio, O; Falagario, Ug; Bruno, Sm; Recchia, M; Sighinolfi, Mc; Sanguedolce, F; Milillo, P; Macarini, L; Rastinehad, Ar; Sanchez-Salas, R; Barret, E; Lugnani, F; Rocco, B; Cormio, L; Carrieri, G
Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Before Radical Cystectomy: Why We Must Adhere? 1-gen-2021 Calò, B; Marchioni, M; Sanguedolce, F; Falagario, Ug; Chirico, M; Carrieri, G; Cormio, L
Does Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance of Prostate Outperform Risk Calculators in Predicting Prostate Cancer in Biopsy Naïve Patients? 1-gen-2021 Falagario, Ug; Silecchia, G; Bruno, Sm; Di Nauta, M; Auciello, M; Sanguedolce, F; Milillo, P; Macarini, L; Selvaggio, O; Carrieri, G; Cormio, L
Prospective Validation of Pentraxin-3 as a Novel Serum Biomarker to Predict the Risk of Prostate Cancer in Patients Scheduled for Prostate Biopsy 1-gen-2021 Falagario, Ug; Busetto, Gm; Netti, Gs; Sanguedolce, F; Selvaggio, O; Infante, B; Ranieri, E; Stallone, G; Carrieri, G; Cormio, L.
PSA Density Help to Identify Patients With Elevated PSA Due to Prostate Cancer Rather Than Intraprostatic Inflammation: A Prospective Single Center Study 1-gen-2021 Bruno, Sm; Falagario, Ug; D'Altilia, N; Recchia, M; Mancini, V; Selvaggio, O; Sanguedolce, F; Del Giudice, F; Maggi, M; Ferro, M; Porreca, A; Sciarra, A; De Berardinis, E; Bettocchi, C; Busetto, Gm; Cormio, L; Carrieri, G.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 101
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