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From chronic liver disorders to hepatocellular carcinoma: Molecular and genetic pathways. 1-gen-2010 Ierardi, ENZO GIANNI; Rosania, R; Zotti, M; Giorgio, F; Prencipe, S; Valle, Nd; Francesco, Vd; Panella, CARMINE DOMENICO MARIA
From clinical application to cognitive enhancement: The example of methylphenidate 1-gen-2016 Busardo, F. P.; Kyriakou, C.; Cipolloni, L.; Zaami, S.; Frati, P.
From Contemporary Models to the Glories of Antiquity: Power, Decline and National Virtues in the Neapolitan Histories of Trade 1-gen-2021 Clemente, Alida
From crime scene investigation to the identification of the cause of death: A muscle-popping case report 1-gen-2018 Spagnolo, Lorenzo; Bertozzi, Giuseppe; Ferrara, Michela; De Simone, Stefania; Ricci, Pietrantonio; Salerno, Monica; Maglietta, Francesca; Fiore, Carmela; Sessa, Francesco
From dysthymia to treatment-resistant depression: evolution of a psychopathological construct 1-gen-2020 Ventriglio, A.; Bhugra, D.; Sampogna, G.; Luciano, M.; De Berardis, D.; Sani, G.; Fiorillo, A.
From educational contexts to addictions: The role of technology in teaching methodologies and in prevention as an educational function 1-gen-2018 Toto, G
From excess adiposity to insulin resistance: The role of free fatty acids. 1-gen-2012 Capurso, Cristiano; Vendemiale, Gianluigi
From expectations to generative uncertainties in teaching and learning activities. A case study of a high school English Teacher in the times of Covid19 1-gen-2022 Bardone, Emanuele; Raudsep, Aet; Eradze, Maka
From fever to immunity: A new role for IGFBP-6? 1-gen-2018 Liso, A; Capitanio, N; Gerli, R; Conese, M
From fields to the table: food security as a fundamental objective. The case of Capitanata. 1-gen-2013 Russo, Rosanna
From folksonomy to usability through tag cloud 1-gen-2010 Marengo, Agostino; Piccinno, Antonio; Bellizzi, C.; Pagano, A.
From functional neuroimaging to neurostimulation: fNIRS devices as cognitive enhancers 1-gen-2023 Waight, Jl; Arias, N; Jiménez-García, Am; Martini, M.
From genesis to revelation: The role of inflammatory mediators in chronic respiratory diseases and their control by nucleic acid-based drugs 1-gen-2017 DI GIOIA, Sante; Sardo, C.; Castellani, Stefano; Porsio, B.; Belgiovine, G.; Carbone, A.; Giammona, G.; Cavallaro, G.; Conese, Massimo
From grape berries to wine: population dynamics of cultivable yeasts associated to “Nero di Troia” autochthonous grape cultivar 1-gen-2016 Garofalo, Carmela; Tristezza, Mariana; Grieco, Francesco; Spano, Giuseppe; Capozzi, Vittorio
From imitatio to inventio: Plutarch and co. Authors for the Stage 1-gen-2010 Montecalvo, MARIA STEFANIA
From individual to organization: the nesting architecture of T- shaped capacities in the knowledge economy 1-gen-2016 Calabrese, Mario; Magliocca, Pierpaolo; Simone, Cristina
From Itard to Montessori. A Source of experimental pedagogy 1-gen-2010 Annacontini, Giuseppe
From Miracle to Decline. Italy’s long-term development trajectory between core and periphery 1-gen-2024 Celi, Giuseppe; Guarascio, Dario; Zezza, Francesco
From Myo-inositol to D-chiro-inositol molecular pathways 1-gen-2021 Kiani, Ak; Paolacci, S; Calogero, Ae; Cannarella, R; Di Renzo, Gc; Gerli, S; Della Morte, C; Busetto, Gm; De Berardinis, E; Del Giudice, F; Stuppia, L; Facchinetti, F; Dinicola, S; Bertelli, M.
From obesity resistance to obesity prediction and prevention? 1-gen-2016 Gaetani, Silvana; Cassano, Tommaso; @corresponding, Author
Mostrati risultati da 17.559 a 17.578 di 50.603
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