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Effect of hydrolyzed protein-based mulching coatings on the soil properties and productivity in a tunnel greenhouse crop system 1-gen-2018 Sartore, L.; Schettini, E.; de Palma, L.; Brunetti, G.; Cocozza, C.; Vox, G.
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of marine sediment decontamination by citric acid enhanced-microwave heating 1-gen-2018 Falciglia, Pp; Ingrao, C; De Guidi, G; Catalfo, A; Finocchiaro, G; Farina, M; Liali, M; Lorenzano, G; Valastro, G; Vagliasindi, Fga
Greenhouse gas emissions of an agro-biogas energy system: Estimation under the Renewable Energy Directive 1-gen-2016 Rana, ROBERTO LEONARDO; Ingrao, Carlo; Lombardi, Mariarosaria; Tricase, Caterina
How sustainable are biopolymers? Findings from a Life cycle assessment of polyhydroxyalkanoate production from rapeseed-oil derivatives 1-gen-2020 Nitkiewicz, T; Wojnarowska, M; Sołtysik, M; Kaczmarski, A; Witko, T; Ingrao, C; Guzik, M
Human health risk assessment for the occurrence of enteric viruses in drinking water from wells: Role of flood runoff injections 1-gen-2019 Masciopinto, C.; De Giglio, O.; Scrascia, M.; Fortunato, F.; La Rosa, G.; Suffredini, E.; Pazzani, C.; Prato, R.; Montagna, M. T.
Methylated arsenic species throughout a 4-m deep core from a free-floating peat island 1-gen-2018 Zaccone, Claudio; Lobianco, Daniela; Raber, Georg; D'Orazio, Valeria; Shotyk, William; Miano, Teodoro M.; Francesconi, Kevin
Polylactic acid trays for fresh-food packaging: A Carbon Footprint assessment 1-gen-2015 Ingrao, Carlo; Tricase, Caterina; Cholewa Wójcik, Agnieszka; Kawecka, Agnieszka; Rana, ROBERTO LEONARDO; Siracusa, Valentina
Ptaquiloside in Pteridium aquilinum subsp. aquilinum and corresponding soils from the South of Italy: influence of physical and chemical features of soils on its occurrence 1-gen-2014 Zaccone, Claudio; Cavoski, I.; Costi, R.; Sarais, G.; Caboni, P.; Traversa, Andreina; Miano, T. M.
Recycled-PET fibre based panels for building thermal insulation:Environmental impact and improvement potential assessment for a greener production 1-gen-2014 Ingrao, Carlo; Lo Giudice, A.; Tricase, Caterina; Rana, ROBERTO LEONARDO; Mbohwa, C.; Siracusa, V.
The role of Fe(III) in soil organic matter stabilization in two size fractions having opposite features 1-gen-2019 Giannetta, Beatrice; Zaccone, Claudio; Plaza, César; Siebecker, Matthew G.; Rovira, Pere; Vischetti, Costantino; Sparks, Donald L.
Sputum induced cellularity in a group of traffic policemen 1-gen-2006 Dragonieri, S; Musti, M; Izzo, C; Esposito, Lm; FOSCHINO BARBARO, MARIA PIA; Resta, O; Spanevello, A.
Trace metals in the dissolved fraction (<0.45μm) of the lower Athabasca River: Analytical challenges and environmental implications 1-gen-2017 Shotyk, W.; Bicalho, B.; Cuss, C. W.; Donner, M. W.; GRANT WEAVER, I.; HAAS NEILL, S.; Javed, M. B.; Krachler, M.; Noernberg, T.; Pelletier, R.; Zaccone, Claudio
Wheat-straw derived bioethanol production: A review of Life Cycle Assessments 1-gen-2021 Ingrao, Carlo; Matarazzo, Agata; Gorjian, Shiva; Adamczyk, Janusz; Failla, Sabina; Primerano, Patrizia; Huisingh, Donald
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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