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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Water salinity and SAR influence on Brassica Rapa 1-gen-2000 Cucci, G.; DE CARO, Antonio; Cantore, V.
Water saving strategies assessment on processing tomato cultivated in Mediterranean region 1-gen-2016 Giuliani, MARCELLA MICHELA; Gatta, Giuseppe; Nardella, Eugenio; Tarantino, Emanuele
WATER SEARCHES AND VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOCS): A METHOD TO AID IN DETERMINING THE LOCATION OF SUBMERGED HUMAN BODIES 1-gen-2016 Rendine, Marcello; Pomara, Cristoforo; Fiore, Carmela; Fortarezza, Palmira; Sessa, Francesco; Riezzo, Irene
Water soluble drug delivery systems based on a non-biological bioadhesive polymeric system 1-gen-1994 B., Cappello; DEL NOBILE, MATTEO ALESSANDRO; M. I., LA ROTONDA; G., Mensitieri; L., Nicolais
Water sorption in a novel liquid ceystalline epoxy resin 1-gen-1995 C., Carfagna; E., Amendola; M., Giamberini; G., Mensitieri; DEL NOBILE, MATTEO ALESSANDRO
Water Sorption in Cellulose Based Hydrogels 1-gen-1996 F., Esposito; DEL NOBILE, MATTEO ALESSANDRO; G., Mensitieri; L., Nicolais
Water stress, yield and oil characteristics of partial rootzone drying and deficit irrigated very-high density olive orchard (Olea europaea L. 'Arbequina') 1-gen-2016 Lopriore, Giuseppe; Gatta, Giuseppe; Scelsa, D.; Storto, M. C. Lo; Abatantuono, I. A.; Pati, Sandra
Water taxes and fines imposed on legal and illegal firms exploiting groundwater 1-gen-2020 Biancardi, Marta; Maddalena, Lucia; Villani, Giovanni
Water transport in Hyaluronic acid esters 1-gen-1996 P. A., Netti; DEL NOBILE, MATTEO ALESSANDRO; G., Mensitieri; L., Ambrosio; L., Nicolais
Water Transport Properties of Cellophane Flexible Films Intended for Food Packaging Applications 1-gen-2002 DEL NOBILE, MATTEO ALESSANDRO; Fava, P.; Piergiovanni, L.
Water Vapor Barrier Properties of Biodegradable Films 1-gen-2003 C., Giardi; G. G., Buonocore; L., Nicolais; DEL NOBILE, MATTEO ALESSANDRO
Water, commodity or good? An alternative idea coming from the economy of reciprocity of Bolivian Andes. 1-gen-2007 Ciervo, Margherita; Distaso, A.
Water, Environmental Security and Sustainable Rural Development. Conflicts and cooperation in Central Eurasia 1-gen-2010 Ciervo, Margherita
Water, from Gilgamesh Epic to Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman: a look into polywater and the memory of water. 1-gen-2009 DE SANTO, LUCA SALVATORE; Bisaccia, C; DE SANTO, Rm
Water-Yield Relationship and Vegetative Growth of Wonderful Young Pomegranate Trees under Deficit Irrigation Conditions in Southeastern Italy 1-gen-2021 Tarantino, Annalisa; Frabboni, Laura; Disciglio, Grazia
The wave of '68. Portraits of rebel students in the Italian press 1-gen-2021 Cagnolati, Antonella
Wave-like solutions for gas-solid reaction in a semi-infinite medium 1-gen-1996 DI LIDDO, Andrea
Wavelet data analysis of micro-Raman spectra for follow-up monitoring in oral pathologies 1-gen-2008 Camerlingo, C.; Zenone, F.; Perna, Giuseppe; Capozzi, VITO GIACOMO; Cirillo, N.; Gaeta, G. M.; Lepore, M.
[Ways in which new surgical techniques have influenced the increasing use of cardiosurgery] 1-gen-2002 Cotrufo, M; Nappi, G; DE FEO, M; DE SANTO, LUCA SALVATORE
Mostrati risultati da 43.607 a 43.626 di 43.902
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