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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Thermal Effects On Gas Transport Properties of Ionomers Used in Food Packaging Applications 1-gen-1996 G., Mensitieri; DEL NOBILE, MATTEO ALESSANDRO; C., Manfredi
Thermal mechanical and rheological evolution during the processing of multylayer thermosetting composite structures 1-gen-1994 A., Apicella; DEL NOBILE, MATTEO ALESSANDRO; G., Mensitieri; M., Montanino; P., Stupak
Thermal Treatments for Fruit and Vegetable Juices and Beverages: A Literature Overview 1-gen-2017 Petruzzi, Leonardo; Campaniello, Daniela; Speranza, Barbara; Corbo, MARIA ROSARIA; Sinigaglia, MILENA GRAZIA RITA; Bevilacqua, Antonio
Thermal versus cooled radiofrequency in patients with sacroiliac joint pain: a systematic review of the literature and pooled analysis of clinical outcomes 1-gen-2022 Maccagnano, Giuseppe; Noia, Giovanni; Cassano, Giuseppe D; Coviello, Michele; Meluzio, Maria C; Vicenti, Giovanni; Tamburrelli, Francesco C; Perna, Andrea; Pesce, Vito
Thermalisation of photo-excited localised excitons in GaSe 1-gen-1986 Capozzi, VITO GIACOMO; K., Maschke
Thermalization of Photoexcited Localized Excitons in GaSe Samples with Stacking Disorder 1-gen-1986 Capozzi, VITO GIACOMO; K., Maschke
Thermo-economic analysis, optimisation and systematic integration of supercritical carbon dioxide cycle with sensible heat thermal energy storage for CSP application 1-gen-2022 Thanganadar, D.; Fornarelli, F.; Camporeale, S.; Asfand, F.; Gillard, J.; Patchigolla, K.
Thermoacoustic Combustion Stability Analysis of a Bluff Body-Stabilized Burner Fueled by Methane–Air and Hydrogen–Air Mixtures 1-gen-2023 Ceglie, Vito; Stefanizzi, Michele; Capurso, Tommaso; Fornarelli, Francesco; Camporeale, Sergio M.
Thermodynamic and physical behaviour of binary mixtures involving sulfolane. Viscosity, dielectric constant, solid-liquid diagram of mixtures of dioxane-sulfolane 1-gen-1975 Jannelli, L.; Inglese, A.; Sacco, Antonio; Ciani, P.
Thermodynamic and physical behaviour of binary systems involving sulfolane. Data on benzene+sulfolane solutions 1-gen-1972 Jannelli, L.; Sacco, Antonio
Thermodynamic behaviour of binary mixtures involving sulfolane. I. Excess volumes of sulfolane with benzene,carbon tetrachloride and dioxane 1-gen-1972 Sacco, Antonio; Jannelli, L.
Thermodynamic behaviour of binary mixtures involving sulfolane. III. Excess volumes of sulfolane with each of nine alcohols 1-gen-1975 Sacco, Antonio; Rakshit, A. K.
Thermodynamic model of a downdraft gasifier 1-gen-2017 Fortunato, Bernardo; Brunetti, Gianluigi; Camporeale, Sergio Mario; Torresi, Marco; Fornarelli, Francesco
Thermogravimetric characteristics and pyrolysis of red seaweed Gracilaria gracilis residues 1-gen-2014 Manara, P.; Francavilla, Matteo; Monteleone, Massimo; Zabaniotou, A.
Thermoluminescent response of thin (2 μm) polycrystalline diamond films grown by pulsed and continuous microwave plasmas 1-gen-2010 Cicala, G.; Brescia, R.; Nitti, M. A.; Romeo, A.; Ambrico, M.; Schiavulli, L.; Perna, Giuseppe; Capozzi, VITO GIACOMO
Thermoplastic clear dental aligners under cyclic compression loading: A mechanical performance analysis using acoustic emission technique 1-gen-2024 Barile, C.; Cianci, C.; Paramsamy Kannan, V.; Pappalettera, G.; Pappalettere, C.; Casavola, C.; Suriano, C.; Ciavarella, D.
Théâtre iconographique: la scène italienne des années 2010 / Iconographic theatre: the years two thousand and ten on the Italian stage 1-gen-2013 Mei, S
Théologie et philosophie en prédication : de Thomas d’Aquin à Jean Calvin 1-gen-2013 Beccarisi, Alessandra
Thiazolidinediones for people with chronic kidney disease and diabetes 1-gen-2023 Natale, P; Palmer, S; Tunnicliffe, D; Toyama, T; Strippoli, Gfm
Thimomas: Correlations between pathology and clinical pictures | TIMOMI: CORRISPONDENZA ANATOMO-CLINICA 1-gen-1990 M., Loizzi; Ml, Cisternino; P., Sardelli; Sollitto, Francesco; F., Facilone; A., Cimmino; A., De Tullio
Mostrati risultati da 47.269 a 47.288 di 50.892
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