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Hospitalization cost reduction with sacubitril-valsartan implementation in a cohort of patients from the Daunia Heart Failure Registry 1-gen-2019 Correale, M.; Monaco, I.; Ferraretti, A.; Tricarico, L.; Padovano, G.; Formica, E. S.; Tozzi, V.; Grazioli, D.; Di Biase, M.; Brunetti, N. D.
Hospitalization rates and associated cost analysis of cardiac resynchronization therapy with an implantable defibrillator and quadripolar vs. bipolar left ventricular leads: a comparative effectiveness study 1-gen-2014 Forleo, Giovanni B; DI BIASE, Luigi; Bharmi, Rupinder; Dalal, Nirav; Panattoni, Germana; Pollastrelli, Annalisa; Tesauro, Manfredi; Santini, Luca; Natale, Andrea; Romeo, Francesco
Hospitalization rates and associated cost analysis of quadripolar versus Bipolar CRT-D: comparative effectiveness analysis from a single-center prospective Italian registry 1-gen-2014 Forleo, G. B.; Panattoni, G.; Santini, L.; Sergi, D.; Bharmi, R.; Dalal, N.; DI BIASE, Luigi; Pollastrelli, L.; Natale, A.; Romeo, F.
Host and Viral Zinc-Finger Proteins in COVID-19 1-gen-2022 Esposito, S.; D'Abrosca, G.; Antolak, A.; Pedone, P. V.; Isernia, C.; Malgieri, G.
Host preference of Thrips hawaiiensis for different ornamental plants 1-gen-2022 Cao, Y.; Reitz, S. R.; Germinara, G. S.; Wang, C.; Wang, L.; Yang, S.; Gao, Y.; Zhang, W.; Li, C.
Host-probiotic interaction: in viltro analyses 3-mag-2012 Bove, Pasquale
Hot Spot: Impact of July 2011 Heat Wave in Southern Italy (Apulia) on Cardiovascular Disease Assessed by Emergency Medical Service and Telemedicine Support. 1-gen-2014 Brunetti, NATALE DANIELE; Amoruso, D; De Gennaro, L; Dellegrottaglie, G; Di Giuseppe, G; Antonelli, G; DI BIASE, Matteo
'Hot stuff': inflammatory lymphocyte populations in acute coronary syndrome. 1-gen-2014 Brunetti, NATALE DANIELE
Household food waste reduction: Italian consumers’ analysis for improving food management 1-gen-2019 Pellegrini, Giustina; Sillani, Sandro; Gregori, Mario; Spada, Alessia
Household sources of pertussis infection: contributing to the debate over the best immunization strategies to protect young infants 1-gen-2015 Fortunato, Francesca; Cappelli, MARIA GIOVANNA; Martinelli, Domenico; Prato, Rosa
Households’ Food Waste Behavior at Local Scale: A Cluster Analysis after the Covid‐19 Lockdown 1-gen-2021 Amicarelli, Vera; Tricase, Caterina; Spada, Alessia; Bux, Christian
How (un)readable is the European Constitution? A comparison of the English version and the Italian version 1-gen-2008 Williams, Christopher; Milizia, D.
How a 5 Fr. bipolar probe should change the approach to submucous uterine myomas in an out-patient setting 1-gen-1999 Bettocchi, S; O., Ceci; F., Marello; R., Di Venere; A. R., Pellegrino; A. M., Parisi; L., Laricchia
How a 5F Bipolar Probe Should Change the Approach to Submucous Uterine Myomas 1-gen-1999 Bettocchi, S.; Ceci, O.
"How about getting those guys in the tower to speak English?" Miscommunication, ELF and aviation safety 1-gen-2014 Bowles, H
How Are We Handling the Post-COVID Patients? The Dance of Uncertainties 1-gen-2022 Lacedonia, D.; Scioscia, G.; De Pace, C. C.; Laricchiuta, A.; Tondo, P.; Sabato, R.; Foschino Barbaro, M. P.
How BCT Generates Trust-Based Competitive Advantage: The Role of Human Factor as a Moderator 1-gen-2022 Silvestri, Raffaele; Adamashvili, Nino; Alaimo, Leonardo Salvatore; Fiore, Mariantonietta; Galati, Antonino
How blockchain technology generates a trust-based competitive advantage in the wine industry: a resource based view perspective 1-gen-2023 Silvestri, Raffaele; Adamashvili, Nino; Fiore, Mariantonietta; Galati, Antonino
How can assessment systems be used to evaluate healthcare activities in the care farms? Insights from a systematic literature review 1-gen-2018 Salvatore, Fiorella Pia; Contò, Francesco
Mostrati risultati da 18.553 a 18.572 di 47.604
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