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From porous media to trabecular bone relaxation analysis: spatial variation of marrow 1H relaxation time distributions detected in vitro by quasi-continuous distribution analysis. 1-gen-2001 Fantazzini, P; Garavaglia, C; Guglielmi, Giuseppe
From Precision Agriculture to Industry 4.0: unveiling technological connections in the agricultural sector 1-gen-2019 Trivelli, Leonello; Apicella, Andrea; Chiarello, Filippo; Rana, ROBERTO LEONARDO; Fantoni, Gualtiero; Tarabella, Angela
From Regional Innovation Systems to Local Innovation Systems: Evidence From Italian Industrial Districts 1-gen-2006 Muscio, Alessandro
From Resistance to Digital Technologies in the Context of the Reaction to Distance Learning in the School Context during COVID-19 1-gen-2021 Toto, GIUSI ANTONIA; Limone, Pierpaolo
From Salapia to Salpi: the Middle Ages of the city of Salt 1-gen-2015 DE VENUTO, Giovanni; Goffredo, Roberto; Totten, D. M.; Volpe, Giuliano
From sleep disordered breathing to DRG A fundamental paper for the Pulmonologist. 1-gen-2013 Lacedonia, Donato; Sabato, R.
From Staining Techniques to Artificial Intelligence: A Review of Colorectal Polyps Characterization 1-gen-2024 Khalaf, Kareem; Fujiyoshi, Mary Raina Angeli; Spadaccini, Marco; Rizkala, Tommy; Ramai, Daryl; Colombo, Matteo; Fugazza, Alessandro; Facciorusso, Antonio; Carrara, Silvia; Hassan, Cesare; Repici, Alessandro
From technological to social innovation: objectives, actors, and projects of the European rural development program (2007-2013) in the Puglia region. De l'innovation technologique au developpement social : objectifs, acteurs et projets du programme européen de developpement rural (2007-2013) dans la région des Pouilles 1-gen-2016 Labianca, Marilena
From the COVID-19 emergency to the flexible learning. Survey on students’ representations in University 1-gen-2020 Vinci, Viviana; Sgambelluri, Rosa
From the Dark Side of Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0: Looking “Beyond the Box” to Developing Human-Centric Innovation Ecosystems 1-gen-2023 Carayannis, E. G.; Canestrino, R.; Magliocca, P.
From the ecological-dynamic approach to learning flexibility in the motor and sports training of the young athlete / Dall’approccio ecologico dinamico alla flessibilità degli apprendimenti nella formazione motoria e sportiva del giovane atleta 1-gen-2023 Sannicandro Italo, &; Colella, Dario
From the farm to the fork: food security as a fundamental purpose. The case of Capitanata (Apulia) 1-gen-2016 Russo, Rosanna
From the kilns to the fair: producing building materials at Faragola and Canusium (northern Apulia, Italy) 1-gen-2016 Gliozzo, E.; Baldassarre, G.; Turchiano, Maria; Turbanti Memmi, I.
From the lab to the classroom: Improving children's prospective memory in a natural setting 1-gen-2024 Cottini, Milvia; Palladino, Paola; Basso, Demis
From the past to the future: what we have learnt from the italian experience on social psychiatry 1-gen-2013 Bellomo, A.
From the struggle for freedom to the denial of scientific evidence: history of anti-vaccinationists in Europe 1-gen-2011 Tafuri, S.; Martinelli, Domenico; Prato, Rosa; Germinario, C.
From the theory of Pedagogical Problematicism to contemporary teaching applications: The case of real learning experiences in teacher training 1-gen-2022 Toto, G. A.; Limone, P.
From the “pedagogy of innovation” to 3D technologies: Mechanical models for technical-scientific training 1-gen-2021 Cecarelli, M.; Traetta, L.
From traditional approach to ecological dynamics approach with the Italian young soccer players 1-gen-2022 Sannicandro, I
From waste to value: assessing the pressures toward a sustainability transition of the Ukrainian waste management system 1-gen-2019 Morone, P.; Sica, E.; Makarchuk, O.
Mostrati risultati da 17.599 a 17.618 di 50.639
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