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Duration of diaphragmatic inactivity after endotracheal intubation of critically ill patients 1-gen-2021 Chaim Sklar, Michael; Madotto, Fabiana; Jonkman, Annemijn; Rauseo, Michela; Soliman, Ibrahim; Felipe Damiani, L.; Telias, Irene; Dubo, Sebastian; Chen, Lu; Rittayamai, Nuttapol; Chen, Guang‐qiang; Goligher, Ewan C.; Dres, Martin; Coudroy1, Remi; Pham, Tai; Artigas, Ricard M.; Friedrich, Jan O.; Sinderby, Christer; Hunks, Leo; Brochard, Laurent
Duration of residual beta-cell function in maturity-onset diabetes. 1-gen-1984 Cignarelli, Mauro; Cospite, M. R.; Stefanelli, G.; Gustamacchia, E.; Nardelli, G. M.; Giorgino, R.
Durc e Casse edili 1-gen-2021 D'Onghia, Madia
„durchs Meer, übers Meer, ins Meer“. Stimmen und Bilder der Flucht in Elfriede Jelineks „Die Schutzbefohlenen” 1-gen-2017 PERRONE CAPANO, Lucia
Durum wheat and allelopathy: toward wheat breeding for natural weed management 1-gen-2013 Fragasso, Mariagiovanna; Iannucci, Anna; Papa, Roberto
Durum wheat grain quality under different water regimes and nitrogen fertilization levels 1-gen-2004 Flagella, Zina; Giuliani, MARCELLA MICHELA; Giuzio, L.; LA ROTONDA, P.; Fares, C.; DE CARO, Antonio
Durum wheat ideotypes for sustainable farming in diversified environments. 1-gen-2005 Annichiarico, P.; Pecetti, L.; Flagella, Zina; Rascio, A.; Boggini, G.
Durum wheat salt tolerance in relation to physiological, yield and quality characters 1-gen-2011 G. M., Borrelli; D. B. M., Ficco; Giuzio, Luigia; Pompa, Marianna; L., Cattivelli; Flagella, Zina
Durum Wheat Straw as Enveloping and Insulating Material in Buildings: Is It Sustainable? Findings from a Comparative Energy and Environmental Assessment of Alternative Solutions 1-gen-2021 Ingrao, Carlo; Messineo, Antonio
Durum Wheat Supply Chain in Mediterranean area: The Effects of Genotype and Low Nitrogen Level on Grain Yield and Technological Quality 1-gen-2019 Carucci, Federica; Gagliardi, Anna; Gatta, Giuseppe; Flagella, Zina; Giuliani, MARCELLA MICHELA
Durum Wheat Whole-meal Spaghetti with Tomato Peels: How By-product. Particles Size Can Affect Final Quality of Pasta 1-gen-2015 Padalino, Lucia; Conte, Amalia; Lecce, Lucia; Likyova, D; Sicari, V; Pellicanò, Tm; Poiana, M; DEL NOBILE, MATTEO ALESSANDRO
Durum-wheat straw bales for thermal insulation of buildings: Findings from a comparative energy analysis of a set of wall-composition samples on the building scale 1-gen-2021 Palladino, D.; Scrucca, F.; Calabrese, N.; Barberio, G.; Ingrao, C.
Dust is the dominant source of “heavy metals” to peat moss (Sphagnum fuscum) in the bogs of the Athabasca Bituminous Sands region of northern Alberta 1-gen-2016 Shotyk, W.; Bicalho, B.; Cuss, C. W.; Duke, M. J. M.; Noernberg, T.; Pelletier, R.; Steinnes, E.; Zaccone, Claudio
DXA parameters, Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) and Bone Mineral Density (BMD), in fracture risk prediction in endocrine-mediated secondary osteoporosis 1-gen-2021 Shevroja, Enisa; Cafarelli, Francesco Pio; Guglielmi, Giuseppe; Hans, Didier
DXA-assessed changes in body composition in obese women following two different weight loss programs 1-gen-2017 Ponti, Federico; Soverini, Valentina; Plazzi, Andrea; Aparisi Gómez, Maria Pilar; Mercatelli, Daniele; Guglielmi, Giuseppe; Battista, Giuseppe; Marchesini, Giulio; Bazzocchi, Alberto
DXA: Technical aspects and application 1-gen-2016 Bazzocchi, Alberto; Ponti, Federico; Albisinni, Ugo; Battista, Giuseppe; Guglielmi, Giuseppe
Dyadic adjustment and prenatal parental depression: A study with expectant mothers and fathers 1-gen-2019 Mangialavori, S.; Terrone, G.; Cantiano, A.; Franquillo, A. C.; Di Scalea, G. L.; Ducci, G.; Cacioppo, M.
Dye use in fresh meat preparations and meat products: a survey by a validated method based on HPLC-UV-diode array detection as a contribution to risk assessment 1-gen-2020 Iammarino, M.; Mentana, A.; Centonze, D.; Palermo, C.; Mangiacotti, M.; Chiaravalle, A. E.
The DYMUS questionnaire for the assessment of dysphagia in multiple sclerosis 1-gen-2008 Bergamaschi, R; Crivelli, P; Rezzani, C; Patti, F; Solaro, C; Rossi, P; Restivo, D; Maimone, D; Romani, A; Bastianello, S; Tavazzi, E; D'Amico, E; Montomoli, C; Cosi, V
Dynamic Resource Provisioning for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Access Networks: A Sur- vey and an Outlook 1-gen-2014 Lukasz, Budzisz; Fatemeh, Ganji; Rizzo, G; Marco Ajmone, Marsan; Michela Meo, ; Yi, Zhang; George, Koutitas; Leandros, Tassiulas; Soe, Lambert; Bart, Lannoo; Mario, Pickavet; Alberto, Conte; Ivaylo, Haratcherev; Adam, Wolisz
Mostrati risultati da 12.531 a 12.550 di 50.272
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