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Prevalence of HBV-genotypes in immigrants affected by HBV-related chronic active hepatitis 1-gen-2007 Palumbo, E.; Scotto, G.; Faleo, Giuseppina; Cibelli, D. C.; Saracino, Annalisa; Angarano, G.
Impact of adding raltegravir to antiretroviral regimens in patients with blood viral suppression but persistent seminal viral shedding 1-gen-2016 Fiore, Jr1; Zoboli, F; Di Stefano, M; Faleo, G; Fasano, M; Santantonio, Ta.
preliminary Data From the Study of Coagulative Profile of HIV infected Individuals suggest a role for point mutations in the Gene in protein S deficiency in Individuals undergoing Higly Antiretroviral therapy 1-gen-2018 Di Stefano, M; D'Andrea, G; Zoboli, F; Faleo, G; Fasano, M; Martinelli, D; Margaglione, M; Santantonio, Ta; Fiore, Jr.
Two nasal swabs may not be enough to exclude SARS-CoV-2 infection in symptomatic patients 1-gen-2021 Fiore, J. R.; D'Errico, M.; Bottalico, I.; Rizzo, M.; Montemurro, L.; Lo Caputo, S.; Faleo, G.; Di Stefano, M.; Santantonio, T.
Genetic subtypes and natural resistance mutations in hcv genotype 4 infected saudi arabian patients 1-gen-2021 Di Stefano, M.; Ismail, M. H.; Leitner, T.; Faleo, G.; Adem, S. A. E.; Elamin, M. O. M. E.; Eltreifi, O.; Alwazzeh, M. J.; Fiore, J. R.; Santantonio, T. A.
Results of an universal screening for SARS-CoV-2 in women admitted for delivery in a geographical area with low incidence of COVID-19 infection 1-gen-2021 Sorrentino, F.; Di Stefano, M.; Faleo, G.; Arena, F.; De Nittis, R.; Greco, F.; Nappi, L.; Fiore, J. R.
Increased SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in healthy blood donors after the second pandemic wave in South-Eastern Italy: evidence for asymptomatic young donors as potential virus spreaders 1-gen-2022 Antonucci, F.; Fiore, J. R.; De Feo, L.; Granato, T.; Di Stefano, M.; Faleo, G.; Farhan, A. M.; Margaglione, M.; Centra, M.; Santantonio, T. A.
Lack of plasma viremia in SARS-CoV-2 seropositive blood donors carrying the virus in nasopharyngeal swabs argues against potential transmission of COVID-19 through blood 1-gen-2022 Fiore, J. R.; Di Stefano, M.; Lipsi, M. R.; Antonucci, F.; Granato, T.; Faleo, G.; Bruno, S.; Arena, F.; Margaglione, M.; Centra, M.
Lack of Evidence for a Role of ACE-2 Polymorphisms as a Bedside Clinical Prognostic Marker of COVID-19 1-gen-2023 Fiore, Josè R.; Di Stefano, Mariantonietta; Oler, Andrew; Zhang, Yu; Gu, Jingwen; Dalgard, Clifton L.; Faleo, Giuseppina; Epling, Brian; Notarangelo, Luigi; Lisco, Andrea; Santantonio, Teresa A.
Molecular and Genetic Characterization of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) among Saudi Chronically HBV-Infected Individuals 1-gen-2023 Di Stefano, Mariantonietta; Faleo, Giuseppina; Leitner, Thomas; Zheng, Wei; Zhang, Yang; Hassan, Amna; Alwazzeh, Marwan J; Fiore, Josè R; Ismail, Mona; Santantonio, Teresa A
The Application of Forensic Microbiology in a Fatal Case of Transfusion-Transmitted Yersinia Enterocolitica Sepsis. In corso di stampa Neri, Margherita; Di Stefano, Mariantonietta; Faleo, Giuseppina; Parente, R.; Salerno, M.; Cantatore, Santina
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